Setting up a own CA for the enterprise

Inside an enterprise there are a lot of machines communicating with each other. It is necessary to keep these communications secure and private. This can be achieved through encryption. In the enterprise SOA the most important protocol is HTTP. The encrypted version is HTTPS and needs at least one certificate. The certificate is the host […]

Testing-Concepts and Considerations in a SOA landscape that uses the Oracle Service Bus Framework

Introduction Due to the ever growing complexity and multiple dependencies of software components in an enterprise landscape, “Automated Testing” is no longer an optional feature of the software development process but a crucial ingredient of the development process and plays a significant role in every successfully launched software project. Software Development in a SOA environment […]

Using certificates for authentication at M2M communication

Most bigger companies are today building up a enterprise SOA. On of the key characteristic of the enterprise SOA is the machine to machine communication. The communication between the machines has to be secured. Important is 1.) to keep the the content of the sent messages private 2.) ensure only the authorized machine can invoke […]

Quicktipp: WebLogic Server 12c and BEA-101104:

The issue ist reported newly as a Bug from Oracle… Technology, KeyWords: WebLogic Server, 10.3, Exception; Error Message: Problem: We have deployed our application on weblogic ( In the deployed application there is a (or more) link(s) which executes an application jar. The Links are not available in browser and if we check […]

Encrypted credentials in Maven with jasypt

When developing enterprise applications it is best practice check in the source code into a version control system. Additionally to the code also configuration settings and credentials are often checked in. This is usually no problem  for test environments, but configurations for the production environments perhaps should not be readable for everyone having access to […]

Was ist der OC Innovationsworkshop?

Zwei Szenarien: Ihr Geschäftsmodell bricht zusammen, andere haben technologische Innovationen genutzt. Sie gehen pleite. Es herrscht Goldgräberstimmung: Sie brauchen nur eine IoT-/Industrie-4.0-Kampagne aufzusetzen und verdrängen damit spielend Ihre Mitbewerber. Ihr Kurs steht auf Verdrängung und Wachstum. Damit es zu Szenario 1) nicht kommt und um zu verstehen, was mit Szenario 2) für Sie und Ihr […]