OSB: Configurable basic authentication

Basic authentication is still a very common approach for securing web services. It is widely supported and can be tested with a browser. If used over a HTTPS connection also the credentials are encrypted. To use basic authentication the usual way with OSB it is necessary to select ‘Basic’ at the authentication section and a […]

OSB: Configuration with custom XQuery functions

The OSB supports a mechanism of customization. Unfortunately this mechanism is very limited and is not able to change all values. There are hundreds of situations where some kind of configuration is needed and which can’t be solved with customization: A configurable value need to be added to a request Username and password can’t be […]

Handling inbound Attachments by Oracle Service Bus – Part 2

Accessing the content of the attachments As is mentioned in Part 1, when the multipart message hits the proxy service, then (in conjunction with the Content-type) the attachment/body contains not the content itself but rather a reference to it. So, we have to to access the data itself for further processing. We call this the […]

Handling inbound Attachments by Oracle Service Bus

Introduction Oracle Service Bus message context is a set of properties, so called context variables, that hold message content as well as information about messages as they are routed through Oracle Service Bus (OSB). The Message Context Schema specifies the element types for the predefined message context variables. Such a predefined context variable is the […]

Automated Unittesting of XQueries in Oracle OSB

In order to support a more agile project environment, OPITZ CONSULTING developed a Java/JUnit based SOA Unit Testing Framework. Among others, the framework was capable of using the Oracle libraries to run XQuery tests locally and verify their correctness. Over the course of time, Oracle released 12c and with it, changed its xquery files. A […]

Short recap on OFM Summer Camps 2014

Last week the Oracle Fusion Middleware summer camps took place in Lisbon. More than 100 participants attended the event, learning much new stuff about new features and enhancements, arriving with the recently available FMW 12c release. In four parallel tracks the highlights of the new major release were presented to the attendees; hands-on labs allows to […]

You’ve Got Mail: Inbound Email Processing in WLS/OSB integration scenarios

In an integration project we are currently replacing an available integration platform using Oracle Service Bus 11g. Different incoming and outgoing message formats and protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc.) are used from the external partners of our customer and therefore have to be supported. With OSB no problem at all, but polling a MS Exchange […]

OSB: Using current Eclipse version for development

Oracle provides some packages to install an development environment with Eclipse. Unfortunately these packages contains only the over three year old 3.7 (Indigo) release of Eclipse. Even more worse: With SOA-Suite 12c comes the current version of OSB and the development environment is migrated to the JDeveloper. There will be no update for the Eclipse […]

OSB: Java Callout with XML input and output parameter

With the Oracle Service Bus (OSB) it is possible to extend the functionality by using java callouts. Java callouts are static operations implemented in Java and packaged in a jar file. The jar file and all dependencies have to be included into the OSB project. Then it is possible to select the operation in the […]