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SOA Suite Create, configure and tune a SOA/OSB Domain

Introduction This post focuses on the creation, configuration and tuning of an initial SOA Suite Domain. The WebLogic Server is a necessary requirement, and must already be installed. For instruction how to install the WebLogic Server please refer … Weiterlesen

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How to customize Java Virtual Machine Settings in Oracle WebLogic Server 12 on OS Linux / UNIX

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf change_on_install … an oracle blog :
In order to achieve the best performance of the application or to avoid performance bottlenecks (and “OutOfMemory” problems) you need to tune your Java Virtual Machine. After you install…

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Servicebus 12c: Using configuration files for customizing service deployments

Introduction In my last projects I faced different challenges in the area of how to manage environment-specific artefact configurations that need to be adjusted during rollout of a particular service component. As a result from that, I decided to write down my experiences and solution approaches regarding … Weiterlesen

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How to create a CSV file and store it to a FTP server in conjunction with Oracle Service Bus 12c

In my last projects I had to generate a CSV file out of some data in the OSB (Oracle Service Bus) and upload it on a ftp server. The requirement was to realize it with the Oracle Service Bus 12c. … Weiterlesen

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Oracle BPEL – Performance optimization of payload transformations within loops

In a recent project (developed using SOA Suite 11g) one of the requirements was to filter out certain lines of an order as these lines should not be forwarded to the business partners. In a first version we looped over all … Weiterlesen

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BPM / SOA 12c: Re-configure a compact domain to use a DB-based MDS instead of a File-based MDS

Posted by: Sven Bernhardt, Danilo Schmiedel The Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Business Process Management Suite offers different domain configuration types applicable for different use cases. For details check out the two guides: Installing SOA Suite and Business Process Management … Weiterlesen

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Oracle BPM 12c – Quick Start Installation (uncensored)

Getting started in 15 minutes! One of the challenges with previous releases was, that SOA & BPM composites couldn’t be deployed and tested on the JDeveloper integrated Weblogic server. Therefore a separate installation of SOA/BPM Suite or a virtual image … Weiterlesen

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