Servicebus 12c: Using configuration files for customizing service deployments

Introduction In my last projects I faced different challenges in the area of how to manage environment-specific artefact configurations that need to be adjusted during rollout of a particular service component. As a result from that, I decided to write down my experiences and solution approaches regarding the corresponding topics. This article is the starting point for a short blog series dealing […]

Resolve JCA connection error in Oracle EBS to SAP integration with OSB 11g

Doing a Oracle EBS to SAP integration with Oracle Service Bus 11g (OSB) I noticed a strange exception at runtime. During the establishment of a connection to the SAP system via the iWay SAP adapter the following error occurs in the adapter logs: servicebus:/WSDL/ebs2sap-data-integration/Sap/v2.0/jca/BAPI_ORACLE_SYNCHRO_RESPONSE_invoke [ BAPI_ORACLE_SYNCHRO_RESPONSEPortType::BAPI_ORACLE_SYNCHRO_RESPONSE(input_BAPI_ORACLE_SYNCHRO_RESPONSE,output_BAPI_ORACLE_SYNCHRO_RESPONSE) ] – : The JCA Binding Component was unable to establish […]

OWB2ODI-Migration – „Geschwindigkeit ist keine Hexerei!“

oder: sinnvolle Prüfungen für die Migration Ein entscheidender Punkt wird in Migrationsprojekten oftmals unterschätzt: Die Validierung der ODI Mappings ist mit erheblichem Aufwand verbunden. Funktionieren die ODI Mappings exakt so, wie die vorigen OWB Mappings? Wir empfehlen ausdrücklich, dies zu überprüfen. Die Erfahrung hat gezeigt, dass dies bei einigen migrierten Mappings nicht der Fall ist. […]

OWB Migration „Übergepäck kostet extra!“

oder: wie eine sinnvolle Bereinigung des OWB Repository vor einer Migration durchgeführt werden sollte. Um den Umfang einer OWB Migration auf das Notwendige zu reduzieren, sollte man versuchen, das OWB Repository um nicht mehr genutzte Objekte zu bereinigen. Hierbei kann man folgenden Fragen nachgehen: Welche OWB Mappings wurden längere Zeit nicht mehr ausgeführt? Welche OWB […]

Using JMS Unit-of-Order in a High Availability Environment

Abstract   The WLS JMS Unit-of-Order feature (UOO) is well documented in various papers and blogs; it mainly enables numerous message producer to group messages into a single unit that is processed sequentially in the order the messages were created. Until message processing for a message is complete, the remaining unprocessed messages for that Unit-of-Order […]

Dynamic endpoint binding in Oracle SOA Suite

Why is dynamic endpoint binding needed? Sometimes a BPEL process instance has to determine at run-time which implementation of a web service interface is to be called. We’ll show you how to achieve that using dynamic endpoint binding. Let’s imagine the following scenario: we’re running a car rental agency called RYLC (Rent Your Legacy Car) […]

Options for removing data in MDS Repository

The two main database schemas in the Oracle SOA Suite database repository are: _SOAINFRA and _MDS. Composite instance and runtime information are stored in the SOAINFRA schema. Commonly used metadata like WSDLs, XSDs, rules, fault policies, etc. as well as composite deployments are stored within the MDS schema. With every deployment / import of the […]

Automate processes for knowledge workers with Oracle BPM Suite PS6

You introduced BPM in your company? All of your process automations are a huge success? Stop reading – this might be the wrong article for you. Your processes are unpredictable; complex; they keep on changing and they are difficult to model? The users of your software complain that they cannot make proper business decisions because […]