Camunda meets Mule – A java based flexible approach for Integration and APIs

Finding the right architectural integration approach for one’s business is becoming more important. One reason for this is the digitalisation. There are more and more devices like smartphones, IoT devices and gadgets but also applications and systems that communicate with each other. The power behind digitalisation is not a single technology or device. It is […]

Impressionen von der DOAG 2016

Bei der DOAG Konferenz am  15. bis 17. November 2016 in Nürnberg präsentierte sich unsere IT-Beratung diesmal im neuen Gewand: Mit einem brandneuen High-Tech-Stand konnten wir uns bei den Besuchern glaubwürdig als „Partner für die digitale Transformation“ positionieren. Das Hauptinteresse der Oracle Anwender lag bei der Konferenz eindeutig bei aktuellen Themen wie Cloud Computing, API […]

Mulesoft Anypoint Platform – Running QUARTZ Scheduler Jobs

The Java QUARTZ Job Scheduler framework is a common piece of software and can be found in many environments. Although the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform provides its own scheduling API, it is a common task to use the QUARTZ framework instead. Especially, if scheduling might be centralized among different applications and might not only be used for the Mule […]

Mule ESB – The anatomy of a flow

Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform is an integration platform which is especially interesting for Java developers. It is based on the Spring framework and leverages Java technologies like CXF or JAXB which are well known Java software frameworks. Therefore, Java developers are able to get along with the platform fast. As the developers have direct access to […]

SOA Suite Create, configure and tune a SOA/OSB Domain

Introduction This post focuses on the creation, configuration and tuning of an initial SOA Suite Domain. The WebLogic Server is a necessary requirement, and must already be installed. For instruction how to install the WebLogic Server please refer to my previous post:  WebLogic Server Installation on the Linux OS The following tasks […]

Servicebus 12c: Using configuration files for customizing service deployments

Introduction In my last projects I faced different challenges in the area of how to manage environment-specific artefact configurations that need to be adjusted during rollout of a particular service component. As a result from that, I decided to write down my experiences and solution approaches regarding the corresponding topics. This article is the starting point for a short blog series dealing […]

Prospects: Cloudy – OFM Middleware and PaaS Community Forum 2016 @Valencia

On friday the 22nd Fusion Middleware and PaaS Community Forum ends. Time to lean back and recap, what happened the last days. To summarize it shortly: It was a unique event and a great experience being part of this professional conference, as the following facts will show: 2 days with tons of information about the Oracle […]

Setting up a own CA for the enterprise

Inside an enterprise there are a lot of machines communicating with each other. It is necessary to keep these communications secure and private. This can be achieved through encryption. In the enterprise SOA the most important protocol is HTTP. The encrypted version is HTTPS and needs at least one certificate. The certificate is the host […]