Oracle Forms & Reports Create and Configure on the OEL 7.2 Server

Introduction This post focuses on the creation, configuration and tuning of an initial Forms & Reports Domain on the OEL 7.2 Server. The WebLogic Server is a necessary requirement, and must already be installed. For instruction how to install the WebLogic Server please refer to my previous post: WebLogic Server Installation on […]

Beitrag in exklusiver Blog-Serie: Neue Flexibilität mit Forms 12c

Seit Oktober 2015 ist das neue Forms 12c draußen und bringt eine Menge neuer Features mit. Leider sind diese Neuerungen immer noch nicht ordentlich dokumentiert und in keiner Präsentation zugänglich. Zeit also, sich damit zu beschäftigen und diese herauszufinden! Ein paar Features hat der Oracle Forms Product Manager in Webinaren und Präsentationen vorgestellt, andere sind […]

OSB: Configurable basic authentication

Basic authentication is still a very common approach for securing web services. It is widely supported and can be tested with a browser. If used over a HTTPS connection also the credentials are encrypted. To use basic authentication the usual way with OSB it is necessary to select ‘Basic’ at the authentication section and a […]

OSB: Configuration with custom XQuery functions

The OSB supports a mechanism of customization. Unfortunately this mechanism is very limited and is not able to change all values. There are hundreds of situations where some kind of configuration is needed and which can’t be solved with customization: A configurable value need to be added to a request Username and password can’t be […]