Finding differences in two Open-Office-Writer documents

If you write documents and get feedback from different persons on different versions it is a great pain to merge the documents and changes together. Microsoft Word has a functionality that works quite well. But the function to compare documents in Open Office Writer has  never work for me the way I expected. Fortunately OO […]

IT-Security (Part 6): WebLogic Server and Authorization

Key words: IT-Security, WebLogic Server, WebLogic Security Framework, Authorization, authorization process, Role Mapping, Roles, Adjudication Process, Security Service Provider Interfaces (SSPIs), Users, Groups, Principals and Subjects We discussed about Authentication in Part 4 and 5[1]; now let us focus on Authorization topic. Authorization is known as access control too and is used to clear main […]

camunda BPM – Mocking subprocesses with BPMN Model API

A common way to call a reusable subprocess is to use a call activity in the BPMN 2.0 model. By using a call activity it is only necessary to add the process key of the subprocess to call and the version of it to the call activity properties. Thus, the modeling can be continued. Apart from this it […]

Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS) – One tool for the whole testing process

One of the most challenging things, apart from test definition, during the process of testing an application is to keep the overview over the entire process, i.e. knowing the status of the current test progress. Here you want to know (obviously there are more things): what requirements need be tested what are the tests belonging […]

You’ve Got Mail: Inbound Email Processing in WLS/OSB integration scenarios

In an integration project we are currently replacing an available integration platform using Oracle Service Bus 11g. Different incoming and outgoing message formats and protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc.) are used from the external partners of our customer and therefore have to be supported. With OSB no problem at all, but polling a MS Exchange […]

OSB: Using current Eclipse version for development

Oracle provides some packages to install an development environment with Eclipse. Unfortunately these packages contains only the over three year old 3.7 (Indigo) release of Eclipse. Even more worse: With SOA-Suite 12c comes the current version of OSB and the development environment is migrated to the JDeveloper. There will be no update for the Eclipse […]

JAX-WS: How to input and output XML AnyType

JAX-WS works in a very simple and effective way if you have defined all objects in a XML Schema definition. But sometimes you can’t define a schema for an operation because e.g. it is a generic operation and accepts or returns dynamic XML. Nevertheless we would like to use for this operation the same tool […]

OSB: Java Callout with XML input and output parameter

With the Oracle Service Bus (OSB) it is possible to extend the functionality by using java callouts. Java callouts are static operations implemented in Java and packaged in a jar file. The jar file and all dependencies have to be included into the OSB project. Then it is possible to select the operation in the […]

ADF 12.1.3 – Tabellendaten nach CSV exportieren

War es bislang nur möglich, Tabelleninhalte einer Tabelle bzw. einer TreeTable direkt in das Format Microsoft Excel zu exportieren, so erweitert Oracle in der Versin  das Tag  <af:exportCollectionActionListener/> um die Möglichkeit direkt im CSV-Format zu exportieren. Alles was zu tun ist, ist beim Hinzufügen des Listeners z.B. zu einem CommandButton, wie abgebildet die Option […]

OSB: Deleting corrupt projects

Usually it is no problem to delete OSB projects from the server. This can be done by the sbconsole. But today we had a problem with a misconfigured OSB project. There was no possibility to modify the project, because activating the changes always resulted to a error message. Deleting was not possible and overwriting with […]