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IT-Security: Part 1 to 5 as PDF file

Key words:IT-Security, Security Challenges, OPSS Architecture, WebLogic Server, JAAS, JAAS LoginModules, Authentication, Basic Authentication, Certificate Authentication, Digest Authentication, perimeter Authentication and Identity Assertion Until now I have published five parts of a series of articles on IT-Security and Oracle Fusion … Weiterlesen

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Oracle BPM 12c – Quick Start Installation (uncensored)

Getting started in 15 minutes! One of the challenges with previous releases was, that SOA & BPM composites couldn’t be deployed and tested on the JDeveloper integrated Weblogic server. Therefore a separate installation of SOA/BPM Suite or a virtual image … Weiterlesen

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OSB: Using Tuxedo transport with eclipse development environment

When doing development for the OSB I usually don’t do this with the sbconsole, I use eclipse instead. There are some reasons: It is my usual development environment It is directly connected to the concurrent version tool The build and … Weiterlesen

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IoT prototype – low-level thoughts about camunda BPM and Drools Expert (part 6)

As already mentioned in the second part of this series, building systems of this type consists of several components. In this part we describe the integration of a BPMN 2.0 capable workflow management system and a business rule engine in our IoT prototype. … Weiterlesen

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Lessons Learned Applikationswartung – Eine Retrospektive (Teil 1)

  Dieser Blogeintrag ist der Anfang einer Serie von Blogeinträgen, in denen ich meine Erfahrungen mit der Organisation von Wartung und Weiterentwicklung von Individualsoftware weitergeben möchte. Hierbei betrachte ich in einer Art Retrospektive die Erfahrungen, die ich mit meinem Team … Weiterlesen

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IT-Security (Part 5): WebLogic Server, perimeter Authentication and Identity Assertion

I tried to discuss about “perimeter authentication” in one extra part of IT-Security’s blogs, because this authentication’s process is an essential approach in a heterogonous world of systems, applications and technologies that they need to trust and communicate to each … Weiterlesen

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IoT prototype – Retrospective. What did we learn? What did we miss? (part 5)

Okay so controlling our lights now works automatically based on entering and leaving the building, thats great! But what did we learn from all this? What do we believe can be transferred to a general concept found in (almost) all … Weiterlesen

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