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OPITZ startet BPM Roadshow im Juni 2013

Mit Business Process Management werden Sie schneller, transparenter, günstiger, … gääähn – alles schon gehört! Erleben Sie ein nicht ganz alltägliches Event mit OPITZ CONSULTING als Gastgeber für zwei höchst unterschiedliche Protagonisten: Zum einen Camunda, bekannt für die leichtgewichtige, pragmatische und … Weiterlesen

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Industrial SOA – An article series about service-orientation

Today we would like to point you to a new article series termed as „Industrial SOA“ authored by the „Masons of SOA„. The series is dedicated to the exploration of contemporary SOA topics and issues and highlights some of the … Weiterlesen

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Automate processes for knowledge workers with Oracle BPM Suite PS6

You introduced BPM in your company? All of your process automations are a huge success? Stop reading – this might be the wrong article for you. Your processes are unpredictable; complex; they keep on changing and they are difficult to … Weiterlesen

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Purging of failed SOA components

In the previous post the preferred settings of heavily used SOA composites was demonstrated. It was shown that with the correct settings applied only failed component instances are persisted in the database. This post discusses the purging possibilities of such … Weiterlesen

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