Car registration process: A BPMN real-life use-case

Lately I faced the challenge to transfer my car registration from Austria to Poland. In other words, I wanted to register my car in Poland which has been registered in Austria previously.

It took quite a lot of time and effort to figure out how all the steps work together, however the visualization I created throughout this little „private project“ helped a lot in understanding. This BPMN process is the result. I showed it to a bunch of people not acquainted with BPMN and without domain knowledge. It was amazing to see how these people immediately comprehended the process and felt confident to solve the problem.

Perhaps someone might benefit from it. Although the process may slightly differ to other countries when it comes to necessary kinds of documents, the basic steps remain the same.

Car registration BPMN process

4 thoughts on “Car registration process: A BPMN real-life use-case”

      1. Hi Thomas.

        Please drop me an email with the problems you experienced during registration – I want to forward that as an issue to the dev team.


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