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Oracle Open World 2013 – Wrap up

OOW 2013 is over and we’re heading home, so it is time to lean back and reflecting about the impressions we have from the conference. First of all: OOW was great! It was a pleasure to be a part of … Weiterlesen

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First impressions from Oracle Open World 2013

Oracle Open World 2013 started today and San Francisco is ready to rock. This year approx. 60.000 visitors are attending to this great event – this is a 20% increase compared with last year. Very impressive! From my point of … Weiterlesen

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weblogic.server.ServerLifecycleException: Cannot get to the relevant ServerRuntimeMBean for server MGSRV

Lately, I got the following error: weblogic.server.ServerLifecycleException: Can not get to the relevant ServerRuntimeMBean for server MGSRV. … Error occured while performing shutdown : Error shutting down the server : Can not get to the relevant ServerRuntimeMBean for server … Weiterlesen

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