Create Oracle APEX Environment in the Amazon Cloud with RDS: Part 1 – Overview

In this article I will describe the installation of APEX Environment in Amazon Web Service (AWS).

The whole environment includes following components:

  • AWS RDS: Oracle Database with activated APEX
  • VM (EC2 Container) with:
    • Oracle Rest Data Service (ORDS)
    • Apache Tomcat for the Hosting of the ORDS
    • Nginx: http Server

The major challenge is to install APEX without SYSDBA privilege, because the Oracle Database in the RDS is Vendor-Managed. Users cannot access the OS and do not have the database DBA role.

Blue Print of the APEX environment in the AWS:

In my next Posts I will cover the following topics:

Part 2: Create the APEX Database in Amazon Relation Data Service (RDS)

Part 3: Configure APEX with Oracle Rest Data Service (ORDS) in the new EC2 Container

Part 4: Configuration APEX with ORDS, Apache-Tomcat und Nginx

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