Opitz Consulting @ Oracle PaaS Summer Camp 2017

In the last week of August the 7th annual Oracle PaaS Summer Camp (formerly known as the Oracle Fusion Middleware Summer Camp) took place – once again close to the beautiful city of Lisbon. More than 100 participants attended the event involving six different tracks covering the full range of PaaS offerings by Oracle.

This year a group of four people from Opitz Consulting attended the event; these are the tracks we visited:

  • API Cloud Platform Service & Integration Cloud Service
  • Cloud Application Development: JET + DevCS, ACCS, Stacks + CCS, Wercker as Docker centric DevOps tool & Management Cloud Service
  • Chatbots, Mobile Cloud Service & JET

Quite a number of different services, right? My colleagues Verena Otter-Grail, Jan Winkels and Waldemar Kubassa will tell you more about the particular trainings and their experience of the Summer Camps in separate blog posts to be published within the next few days.

In case that you have any questions on one (or more) of those products or plan to improve your business by using them, feel free to contact us at any time!

And last but not least: special thanks to Jürgen Kress for the excellent organization of the event! It’s always a pleasure to return for the Summer Camps – it was already my third time there and I’m already looking forward for the fourth one…

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