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Oracle BPEL – Performance optimization of payload transformations within loops

In a recent project (developed using SOA Suite 11g) one of the requirements was to filter out certain lines of an order as these lines should not be forwarded to the business partners. In a first version we looped over all … Weiterlesen

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Patch SOA/BPM VM to WebCenter

At one can find the latest 11g SOA/BPM Virtual Machine (VM) which also contains Webcenter. Unfortunately, Webcenter has been added in version to that VM; as there are major enhancements in Webcenter it generally makes sense to … Weiterlesen

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Dynamic endpoint binding in Oracle SOA Suite

Why is dynamic endpoint binding needed? Sometimes a BPEL process instance has to determine at run-time which implementation of a web service interface is to be called. We’ll show you how to achieve that using dynamic endpoint binding. Let’s imagine … Weiterlesen

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