Get an Oracle E-Mail notification via User Messaging Service Running before your coffee gets cold

I often get asked to help developers with setting up UMS, but in fact mostly focusing on the SMTP server.

In the next steps I will show how you can setup a HelloWorld notification Service with reviewing the results in less than five minutes.


Installed SOA or BPM Quickstart. See Danilos post for details :

Get FakeSMTP.jar on your development machine:

Step 1 – Start WLS

Start the IntegratedWebLogicServer

Step 2 – Start the Fake SMTP

Enter in the command line:

java -jar fakeSMTP-2.0.jar

After the Application has started up click the “Start Server” button.




Step 3 – Configure UMS in the Enterprise Manager

Log into EM

Edit the Email Driver Properties


Create a new Configuration with the name localhost and the outgoing mail server localhost and save it.


Step 4 – HelloWorld Notification Composite

Create a new SOA Application with a SOA Project


Create a Synchronous BPEL with standard settings



Add an UMS as a reference, add only outbound notification details, set Message as String type and wire it to the BPEL



Edit the BPEL Flow

Add an invoke of the UMS reference and create a new input variable for the UMS reference.


Add an Assign before the Invoke and map the BPEL input string to the message payload.


Deploy the composite to the application server and test your service via EM

And there you go.






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Eine Antwort zu Get an Oracle E-Mail notification via User Messaging Service Running before your coffee gets cold

  1. Ashwini schreibt:

    If we do not set the workflow settings, email will not be sent?
    For me instance is getting created for soa composite, but mail is not being sent.. Please help

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