You’ve Got Mail: Inbound Email Processing in WLS/OSB integration scenarios

In an integration project we are currently replacing an available integration platform using Oracle Service Bus 11g. Different incoming and outgoing message formats and protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, etc.) are used from the external partners of our customer and therefore have to be supported. With OSB no problem at all, but polling a MS Exchange […]

Nachlese der BPM Integration Days 2014

Am Montag, den 24.02.2014, öffneten die diesjährigen BPM Integration Days ihre Pforten. Die Besucher erlebten zwei spannende Tage, die sich mit aktuellen Themen aus den Bereichen Integration Business Process Management (BPM) Adaptive Case Management (ACM) Process Mining und Analytics Fast Data / Event Processing Internet of things (IoT) Cloud beschäftigten. Wir von OPITZ CONSULTING waren […]

Oracle Open World 2013 – Wrap up

OOW 2013 is over and we’re heading home, so it is time to lean back and reflecting about the impressions we have from the conference. First of all: OOW was great! It was a pleasure to be a part of it. As already mentioned in our last blog article: It was the biggest OOW ever. […]

OSB 11g: Stuck Threads when using inbound database adapter

Using a polling database adapter in a OSB proxy service, one may have noticed the following behaviour in Weblogic server: an exception in the server logs about one or even more stuck threads like this: <BEA-000337> <[STUCK] ExecuteThread: ’10‘ for queue: ‚weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)‘ has been busy for „705“ seconds working on the request „$WorkAdapterImpl@21b9db0“, which […]

Standard-based integration of human interaction in SOA

IT infrastructures and systems following the SOA paradigm are build upon standards. In such scenarios BPMN 2.0 can be used for the automation of business processes for example. The processes can be executed by a process engine. In such business processes the integration of human actors is often needed, to make complex decisions that cannot be […]

Nachlese SOA, BPM & Integration Days 2012 Spring

Bei den SOA, BPM & Integration Days  (29.02.-01.03)  gab es auch diesmal wieder interessante Vorträge und Workshops zu aktuellen Themen aus den Bereichen Adaptive Prozesse, SOA-Security und Systemintegration. Auch abseits der Vorträgen und Workshops gab es zudem genügend Freiräume für einen Meinungs- und Erfahrungsaustausch zwischen den anwesenden Speakern und anderen Experten aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen. Am […]