At one can find the latest 11g SOA/BPM Virtual Machine (VM) which also contains Webcenter. Unfortunately, Webcenter has been added in version to that VM; as there are major enhancements in Webcenter it generally makes sense to upgrade the VM to that version.

At a documentation for upgrading from to can be found. In this post I want to describe which steps of the update guide I actually executed in order to upgrade my VM and which ones I skipped as they seem to be optional.

The particular steps are also described in full detail here:


Pre-Patching Tasks

I skipped all pre-patching tasks, as we“™re starting with a VM that does not contain any data so far and which already contains an up to date Weblogic installation.


Installer for WC Portal and WC Content

The installers for upgrading WC Portal and WC Content can be downloaded from the Oracle support page at using the following patch ID“™s:

17068143 (WC Portal)

17068216 (WC Content)

Just start the VM and run the installer scripts (when asked for a JDK/JRE location, enter „/oracle/javahome/jdk1.6.0_45/jre“), first the one for WC Portal, followed by the one for WC Content. When asked for it within the installation, skip software updates. Apart from that generally use the installer’s default values.

I skipped the Oracle SES installation, as the feature isn’t required for training and/or proof of concept matters.


Applying the Patch Set

Additional information can be found here:

The schema check performed on the initial DB was successful (query SELECT OWNER, VERSION, STATUS, UPGRADED FROM SCHEMA_VERSION_REGISTRY), so you can skip this step.

The psa script needed to start the patch set assistant can be found at „/oracle/fmwhome/oracle_common/bin“.

I didn“™t upgrade all schemas, just the following ones:

  • OCS

The first three schemas are for WC Portal, the last two for WC Content. The other schemas for those two applications couldn“™t be updated successfully (e.g. ACTIVITIES, this schema seems to not exist on the VM so it obviously can“™t be updated) but so far I didn’t encounter any problems when working with the VM.

Use the following database credentials:

  • Connection: „localhost:1521“
  • User „sys as sysdba“
  • Password „welcome1“

NOTE: for the OCSSEARCH schema you must add the prefix „DEV_“ to the schema name when trying to connect to the DB in the wizard.


Post-Patching Tasks

The Webcenter permissions definitely need to be updated. Otherwise, both the PortalBuilder and the administration pages in WC Portal can not be opened.

Detailed information can be found here:

The can be found at „/oracle/fmwhome/wlserver_10.3/common/bin“.


Now the VM should be successfully updated to Webcenter

I would recommend to directly apply the latest patches for both WC products which can be downloaded from the Oracle support page at We used the following Patch ID’s when this blog post was created:

19194669 (WC Portal

19334406(WC Content

The WC Portal patch contains the „“ file. To use the assets (new templates and skins), unzip the folder and upload the ear files to the portal using the SharedAssets section in the portal administration.


Having executed all of these steps the VM should contain Webcenter Portal and Content in the latest version of If you encounter any problems when working with WC Portal and/or Content on the VM then please let us know.

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