AWS Cloud9 First Steps – Creating the environment


Cloud9 is Amazons new shiny browser based IDE. After announcing yesterday at Werner Vogel´s re:Invent keynote it is general available and so it is time to get our hands dirty.

To use the new IDE you must create an environment for the IDE. The encironment can be an EC2 instance or any other server where you have ssh access.

First log in to your AWS Console and select the new Cloud9 Service. Ensure you are in an Region where the service is available.


After that you can create a new environment.


To create the environment you must first give it an name and description.


On the second pane you can choose between creating an new EC2 Instance or use an Existing Server with ssh access. When you select EC2 instance you must define the instance type, default is a t2.micro.

Very good is the automatic cost saving setting which hibernates…

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