The PaaS Summer Camp 2017 in Lisbon was a great experience! Especially for me as a former Oracle employee it felt a bit like ‚coming home‘. The whole event was very well organized with six different PaaS training tracks to chose from.

In the area I had chosen – API Platform Cloud Service (APIPCS) & Integration Cloud Service (ICS) – we had the opportunity to get some hands on to the latest and greatest release of APIPCS:

We tested to

  • design
  • implement
  • secure
  • deploy
  • document

and register an API to an application.

Also in the area of ICS we simulated real world use cases, e.g. an integration of an ERP system.

The aim was not to follow step-by-step instructions but to try things out, play around and ask questions to gather some feeling for and experience with the product. As the training was delivered by the Product Managers themselves it was a great opportunity to grow your network to be able to contact the relevant people for future projects in this area.

Besides that we had great company of colleagues, Oracle partners and Oracle employees themselves in a wonderful city.

I can really encourage everybody to take part in this great event!

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