Oracle Warehouse Builder 11.2 is still supported on a Oracle Database 12c Release 1, but the installation sources do not come along with the Database. How can you run OWB in a greenfield 12.1 environment?

As a test case I did the following steps:

  1. Created VMware VM with OS Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1, 64bit (German)
  2. Installed Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production at path „C:\Oracle\ORA_HOME\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1“
  3. Created Database „DB12OWB11“ as single instance (no CDB)
  4. Created Tablespace TS_OWB
  5. Followed My Oracle Support (MOS) Document „How To Install Oracle Warehouse Builder Into a 12c Database (Doc ID 1559046.1)“,scenario „SingleInstance Setup“,butusingOWB Version insteadof
    1. Installed „OWB STANDALONE CLIENT FOR WINDOWS 64 BIT“ (Patch 17743124) at path „C:\Oracle\ORA11_HOME\product\\owb“ (list of patches see MOS Doc ID 1271208.1
    2. no patch as 17743124 should be able to access to RDBMS 12.1
    3. SQL> @C:\Oracle\ORA11_HOME\product\\owb\owb\UnifiedRepos\cat_owb.sql TS_OWB x
    4. Unlocked the OWBSYS and OWBSYS_AUDIT users
    5. SQL> @C:\Oracle\ORA11_HOME\product\\owb\owb\UnifiedRepos\reset_owbcc_home.sql
      OWB Control Center Home:
    6. Started OWB Repository Assistant to create a new Workspace „OWB_WS“ of new Workspace Owner „OWB_WS_OWNER“ with new Workspace User „OWB_MY_USER“

Faced Problem:

The Repository Assistant failed with error (extract from log file at „C:\Oracle\ORA11_HOME\product\\owb\owb\UnifiedRepos\log_*.log“):

java.sql.SQLException: ORA-29532: Java-Aufruf durch nicht abgefangene Java-Exception beendet: java.sql.SQLException: OWBSYS can not access to C:\Oracle\ORA11_HOME\product\\owb/owb/bin/admin/

In fact this file does not exist. The problem cannot be solved by creating an empty file (see also Oracle Community thread „OWB Configuration Problem for Oracle 12c database„).

In a separate copy of the VM I applied the OWB patches 18146494 + 17906774 + 19158132 (which could have been Step 5.B), executed „C:\Oracle\ORA11_HOME\product\\owb\owb\UnifiedRepos\clean_owbsys.sql“, and then re-tried steps 5.C to 5.F.
Once again the Repository Assistant failed with an error at the same step, but with a slightly different message:

java.sql.SQLException: ORA-29532: Java-Aufruf durch nicht abgefangene Java-Exception beendet:


During the installation of the Database software I chose the option to create a new Windows User as ORACLE-Home-User (named „ORA_HOME“). The database services are running under this Windows User, and this Windows User has the Windows privilege to do anything under the folder „C:\Oracle\ORA_HOME“ (full access). During the creation of the repository the database tries to create files in the folders „C:\Oracle\ORA11_HOME\product\\owb\owb\bin\admin“ (e.g. „“) and „C:\Oracle\ORA11_HOME\product\\owb\owb\log“ (e.g. „OWBSYS.00001.log“). Therefore the Windows User „ORA_HOME“ needs full access to those two folders. After setting this Windows security properties, I executed „C:\Oracle\ORA11_HOME\product\\owb\owb\UnifiedRepos\clean_owbsys.sql“, and then re-tried steps 5.C to 5.F with success.

I asked Oracle to mention this at 1559046.1  🙂
[Edit 2015-03-16: Oracle announced to publish Doc ID 1989873.1, which will link to 1559046.1]

The Installation of Oracle Workflow following the MOS Document „How To Enable Oracle Workflow Integration With Oracle Warehouse Builder 11g (Doc ID 468965.1)“ does work fine after adding the line „SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION = 8“ to file „C:\Oracle\ORA_HOME\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1\NETWORK\ADMIN\sqlnet.ora“. Although the CMD window shows a lot of errors, the Workflow Configuration has completed with success.

An import of a tiny OWB project from a MDL file, which had been exported from an OWB in an database, deployment and execution of mapping and process flow succeeded.

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