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Austausch des Test-SSL-Zertifikats durch ein Unternehmens-ROOT-Zertifikat im Umfeld von Oracle Cloud Control

Vorwort Der Enterprise Manager (EM) Cloud Control ist ein gutes Werkzeug für die Administration und Überwachung von komplexen Umgebungen. Nach der Installation und Konfiguration kann man sich ganz bequem über ein HTTPS-Protokoll mit dem Enterprise Manager verbinden und sofort arbeiten. … Weiterlesen

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Close the containing parent popup component without binding using an actionEvent

When using popups in ADF we suffered the problem to close the popup after finishing the activity. So this is the request: We have a table providing data with an info facet holding buttons for adding, editing and deleting a … Weiterlesen

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ADF 12c: Uploading a profile picture to database via HTTPServlet

In this blog post I will describe how to implement a user profile picture functionality in ORACLE’s ADF 12c. In this case we have a existing ADF application with login functionality which is able to differentiate the current user.

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Customizing af:listView to get list element

This is our use case: By clicking on an element in a listView we trigger a master-detail view on the right hand of the page. This section labeled the master row in top displaying an unspecified amount of elements in … Weiterlesen

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Resolving INSTALL_FAILED_CONTAINER_ERROR when deploying MAF app to android emulator after system upgrade to Mac OS X Yosemite

During our Oracle MAF Hackathon we wanted to deploy our app to both android emulator and iOS simulator. Feeling giddy because of having XCode5 and Android SDK installed on my Mac I wanted to show our crowd that apps built … Weiterlesen

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Using log4j 2 in an Oracle ADF 12c Application

Configure ADF12c application to work with log4j2 One of our customers had the requirement to use log4j 2 in his ADF 12c application. When executing his code an UnsupportedOperationException was thrown. To resolve this issue you can configure your ADF12c application … Weiterlesen

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