JAX-WS: How to input and output XML AnyType

JAX-WS works in a very simple and effective way if you have defined all objects in a XML Schema definition. But sometimes you can’t define a schema for an operation because e.g. it is a generic operation and accepts or returns dynamic XML. Nevertheless we would like to use for this operation the same tool […]

OSB: Java Callout with XML input and output parameter

With the Oracle Service Bus (OSB) it is possible to extend the functionality by using java callouts. Java callouts are static operations implemented in Java and packaged in a jar file. The jar file and all dependencies have to be included into the OSB project. Then it is possible to select the operation in the […]

OSB: Deleting corrupt projects

Usually it is no problem to delete OSB projects from the server. This can be done by the sbconsole. But today we had a problem with a misconfigured OSB project. There was no possibility to modify the project, because activating the changes always resulted to a error message. Deleting was not possible and overwriting with […]

OSB: Using Tuxedo transport with eclipse development environment

When doing development for the OSB I usually don’t do this with the sbconsole, I use eclipse instead. There are some reasons: It is my usual development environment It is directly connected to the concurrent version tool The build and deploy scripts are used and tested from the start of the project The debugging feature […]

OSB: Creating meaningful SOAP exceptions

The OSB is usually used to transform and route messages. But sometimes something goes wrong and we have to return the caller an exception. This can happen in two situations: We want to create a new exception because a special situation We want to create a new exception because of an exception thrown by a […]