Test Smells: A Different View

In the last years I have seen many tests written by various project teams. Some of these tests had produced really headache for me. When comparing the problems of the tests with the known anti-patterns of testing (e.g. http://xunitpatterns.com/TestSmells.html) I found some matches. But much more I was surprised, that some really annoying problems I […]

Reliable restart of the weblogic server

Everyone doing CI using an application server knows the problem: After some time you get OutOfMemoryError because of the excessive deployments. The solution for this is to restart the application server periodically. But before you can start the application server, you must be sure to shut the application server down. This can be done for […]

Setting up a own CA for the enterprise

Inside an enterprise there are a lot of machines communicating with each other. It is necessary to keep these communications secure and private. This can be achieved through encryption. In the enterprise SOA the most important protocol is HTTP. The encrypted version is HTTPS and needs at least one certificate. The certificate is the host […]

Using certificates for authentication at M2M communication

Most bigger companies are today building up a enterprise SOA. On of the key characteristic of the enterprise SOA is the machine to machine communication. The communication between the machines has to be secured. Important is 1.) to keep the the content of the sent messages private 2.) ensure only the authorized machine can invoke […]

Encrypted credentials in Maven with jasypt

When developing enterprise applications it is best practice check in the source code into a version control system. Additionally to the code also configuration settings and credentials are often checked in. This is usually no problem  for test environments, but configurations for the production environments perhaps should not be readable for everyone having access to […]

OSB: Configurable basic authentication

Basic authentication is still a very common approach for securing web services. It is widely supported and can be tested with a browser. If used over a HTTPS connection also the credentials are encrypted. To use basic authentication the usual way with OSB it is necessary to select ‘Basic’ at the authentication section and a […]

OSB: Configuration with custom XQuery functions

The OSB supports a mechanism of customization. Unfortunately this mechanism is very limited and is not able to change all values. There are hundreds of situations where some kind of configuration is needed and which can’t be solved with customization: A configurable value need to be added to a request Username and password can’t be […]

Finding differences in two Open-Office-Writer documents

If you write documents and get feedback from different persons on different versions it is a great pain to merge the documents and changes together. Microsoft Word has a functionality that works quite well. But the function to compare documents in Open Office Writer has  never work for me the way I expected. Fortunately OO […]

OSB: Using current Eclipse version for development

Oracle provides some packages to install an development environment with Eclipse. Unfortunately these packages contains only the over three year old 3.7 (Indigo) release of Eclipse. Even more worse: With SOA-Suite 12c comes the current version of OSB and the development environment is migrated to the JDeveloper. There will be no update for the Eclipse […]