Die OC DevOps Community startet durch

DevOps intensiviert die Schaffung einer Kultur und die Etablierung von Prinzipien zur kontinuierlichen Verbesserung der ganzheitlichen Leistung. Es umfasst viele Praktiken angefangen von CI/CD, Konfigurationsmanagement, Compliance-Einbindung und Infrastructure-as-Code über die Optimierung des Arbeitsflusses bis hin zur Fokussierung auf einen effizienten ROI. Dabei experimentieren Teams in kurzen Feedbackzyklen, unterstützt durch einen hoch performanten Auslieferungsstrang zur Verbesserung […]

Published an automation tool for process instance migration – Camunda-Migrator

We are happy to annouce publishing an automation tool for process instance migration with Camunda BPM on GitHub. It helps you to have continuously a current process state with the latest features. Therefor all previous process versions will be migrated automaically to the newest process definition version. It can be used to interact with the […]

Camunda meets Mule – A java based flexible approach for Integration and APIs

Finding the right architectural integration approach for one’s business is becoming more important. One reason for this is the digitalisation. There are more and more devices like smartphones, IoT devices and gadgets but also applications and systems that communicate with each other. The power behind digitalisation is not a single technology or device. It is […]

Published CattleCrew Case Management UI

As a result of our case management experience, we recently released a self-developed case management UI on GitHub to get a better introduction to case management and CMMN 1.1.

camunda BPM – Mocking subprocesses with BPMN Model API

A common way to call a reusable subprocess is to use a call activity in the BPMN 2.0 model. By using a call activity it is only necessary to add the process key of the subprocess to call and the version of it to the call activity properties. Thus, the modeling can be continued. Apart from this it […]

IoT prototype – low-level thoughts about camunda BPM and Drools Expert (part 6)

As already mentioned in the second part of this series, building systems of this type consists of several components. In this part we describe the integration of a BPMN 2.0 capable workflow management system and a business rule engine in our IoT prototype. Why do we need such things Currently we live in times of a knowledge society […]