We are happy to annouce publishing an automation tool for process instance migration with Camunda BPM on GitHub.

It helps you to have continuously a current process state with the latest features. Therefor all previous process versions will be migrated automaically to the newest process definition version. It can be used to interact with the process engine from outside the application server and deliver information for a automatic process instance migration. No running application server is required for this because its set up as a SpringBoot application.

For example, you can integrate it into your CI/CD system to run the migration on all existing environments during software delivery. And also it can be integrated into your actual BPM project as a Maven project submodule, too. During the execution, all the information can be logged out in a central logging system (e.g. PapterTrail or Graylog) and locally on the console.

Have a look at our webinar together with Camunda BPM about best practices to deal with frequent model changes of long running processes to get more information about the need of process instance migration automation. You can find it on vimeo in english and in german. The slides are uploaded on slideshare, too.

Try it out

The project can be found on GitHub at https://github.com/satspeedy/camunda-migrator. And there is also a demo project on GitHub at https://github.com/satspeedy/camunda-migrator-demo to try out the migration.

Of course, you are invited to participate to this project, too. If you are interested, please contact us.

Have fun on implementing new features without fear of the process instance migration!

Feedback is always welcome 😉

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