SOAP and Attachments

Introduction Service-clients and service-providers are often facing the need for transmitting both binary content and text data in a reliable and efficient way. This document presents implementation outlines for this scenario. The service-provider has been implemented using the Oracle Service Bus (version while the service-client has been realized using SOAPUI. W3C Notes and Recommendations. […]

Testing-Concepts and Considerations in a SOA landscape that uses the Oracle Service Bus Framework

Introduction Due to the ever growing complexity and multiple dependencies of software components in an enterprise landscape, “Automated Testing” is no longer an optional feature of the software development process but a crucial ingredient of the development process and plays a significant role in every successfully launched software project. Software Development in a SOA environment […]

Handling inbound Attachments by Oracle Service Bus – Part 2

Accessing the content of the attachments As is mentioned in Part 1, when the multipart message hits the proxy service, then (in conjunction with the Content-type) the attachment/body contains not the content itself but rather a reference to it. So, we have to to access the data itself for further processing. We call this the […]

Handling inbound Attachments by Oracle Service Bus

Introduction Oracle Service Bus message context is a set of properties, so called context variables, that hold message content as well as information about messages as they are routed through Oracle Service Bus (OSB). The Message Context Schema specifies the element types for the predefined message context variables. Such a predefined context variable is the […]

Using JMS Unit-of-Order in a High Availability Environment

Abstract   The WLS JMS Unit-of-Order feature (UOO) is well documented in various papers and blogs; it mainly enables numerous message producer to group messages into a single unit that is processed sequentially in the order the messages were created. Until message processing for a message is complete, the remaining unprocessed messages for that Unit-of-Order […]

WLS jdbc Anbindung von iSeries AS400/DB2

Allgemeines In diesem Artikel wird die Verbindung zwischen einem WLS und einer DB2 Instanz , die in einem mainframe läuft.  Für eine DB2 Instanz, die unter linux, solaris etc. läuft gelten andere Regeln. JDBC Treiber In der iSeries As400 (Mainframe) gibt es das IFS Verzeichnis mit dem File: /QIBM/ProdData/HTTP/Public/jt400/lib/jt400.jar  Die Datei jt400.jar von dort downloaden, […]