Linux Patching with AWS Systems Manager

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AWS Systems Manger can be used to perform many administration tasks. One of its functionalitis is Linux system patching. The decision if a packet should be updated is based on assotiated patch baselines. Curently AWS has defined default baselines for Windows, Amazon Linux, RedHat and Ubuntu. Bellow I will show how to create/configure the nedded resources to start a patching session and verify the patch complience status of a Linux instance.

Preparing rights

The instance that will be patched needs to be a part of a role that will allow the ssm agent running on the instance to communicate with AWS infrastructure. Following steps will create the needed role:

  • In the AWS console go to IAM->Roles and click on „Create Role“
  • Select EC2 Role fro Simple Systems Manager


  • Click on „Next: Review“2
  • Chose a name for example „SSMManaged“ and click on „Create Role“

In this post I will show…

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