Hi everyone,

in May and June I wrote my Bachelor thesis in cooperation with the OC|Lab about „Nutzung einer Datenintegrationsplattform am Beispiel einer Cloudlösung“ (utilization of a data integration platform cloud service).

Within this thesis I did research about data integration itself, the concept of data integration platforms, Cloud computing overall and the existing synergies when using these platforms as cloud service. Furthermore I focused on the challenges of data integration in companies with various data sources all over the complex system landscape especially when facing Big Data scenarios.

After finishing the theoretic part I looked at the „Oracle Data Integrator“ as data integration platform. Afterwards I used the on-premise ODI to implement a mapping that integrates data from different sources into a target database to show some of the functionalities of the tool. Then I started to examine the Oracle Cloud to provide the ODI Cloud Service. In this part I focused on the requirements and the provisioning on the different layers to implement the tool as Cloud Service.

If you“™re interested in the Oracle Data Integration Cloud Service or the provisioning of Cloud Infrastructure stay tuned! I“™m currently working with some colleges on a Webcast and Factsheet about these topics. The content will include the findings of this thesis e.g. the comparison of the on-premise ODI and the Cloud Service or the setup of the Cloud Stack.

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