Oracle Data Integration Cloud Service

Hi everyone,

in May and June I wrote my Bachelor thesis in cooperation with the OC|Lab about „Nutzung einer Datenintegrationsplattform am Beispiel einer Cloudlösung“ (utilization of a data integration platform cloud service).

Within this thesis I did research about data integration itself, the concept of data integration platforms, Cloud computing overall and the existing synergies when using these platforms as cloud service. Furthermore I focused on the challenges of data integration in companies with various data sources all over the complex system landscape especially when facing Big Data scenarios.

After finishing the theoretic part I looked at the “Oracle Data Integrator” as data integration platform. Afterwards I used the on-premise ODI to implement a mapping that integrates data from different sources into a target database to show some of the functionalities of the tool. Then I started to examine the Oracle Cloud to provide the ODI Cloud Service. In this part I focused on the requirements and the provisioning on the different layers to implement the tool as Cloud Service.

If you’re interested in the Oracle Data Integration Cloud Service or the provisioning of Cloud Infrastructure stay tuned! I’m currently working with some colleges on a Webcast and Factsheet about these topics. The content will include the findings of this thesis e.g. the comparison of the on-premise ODI and the Cloud Service or the setup of the Cloud Stack.

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