Starting from the Star Wars Day (04/05/2017, probably a good sign;-) to the 05/05/2017 the BuildingIoT 2017 took place in Heidelberg. Otto Fitz and Dominik Bial went there to represent OC at our booth (we were gold sponsors) and with the talk „IoT als zentraler Treiber der Digitalisierung (IoT as Enabler for Digitisation)„.  The talk was given by Dominik and Christian Pereira from Q-loud.

Networking and meeting people were a lot of fun. Besides that, we had great discussions at our booth. Security, integration and projects were the key topics this year.  Moreover, a lesson we already learned at the Hannover Messe 2017, analytics is becoming more important as a key skill and, therefore, it is interesting for partnerships. As soon as there is the data, concepts and knowledge are needed to come to insights. Luckily, OC has already a strong background in analytics, so that we can look forward to new, interesting projects.

Our favorite three talks were:

  • Sicherheit & IoT „“ Stand der Gefährdung 2017 (Security and IoT „“ State of Threats 2017) by Stefan Strobel: A talk about new approaches for hacking
  • Praxisbericht: Eine Big-Data- und Microservices-Landschaft für IoT-Daten (A report about a big data and microservice acrchitecture) by Marc Jäckle, Sebastian Wöhrl: Great justification of our architectures)
  • Auf dem Weg zu einer offenen IoT-Cloud-Plattform (On the way to an open IoT cloud platform) by Steffen Evers, Kai Zimmerman: Great insights about designing own IoT Clouds.

The Q-loud sorter showcase in combination with the Hololens was definitely an eye catcher which attracted people and resulted in a lot of discussions.  If you are interested, Otto published a video on youtube.

Overall, the conference was a great success and brought together developers, innovators and managers. We are looking forward to next year.

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