Some time ago I started to get a look at MQTT and needed a broker to start with. Eclipse Mosquitto ( was a logical choice for a quick start and as I am a fan of docker containers for not polluting your local system installation whilst trying new software stacks, I searched for a docker image with Mosquitto.


Of course, there were many, but I was a bit astonished about their size. 500MB and more? That“™s not what I expected from an efficient docker build result. I started to check what the exact technical requirements of Mosquitto were and actually, it doesn“™t need so much to run.


The most simple way would be a small Linux coming at least with a package manager to get it up and running, as it is pointed out here: OpenWRT approach seemed to be the most interesting, as it is available for various CPU types and its known to be damn small.


A short time later the Dockerfile was written and an image which was packed below 4MB. I“™d call that a success J You can find the results right here or by doing a docker pull on mrinus/docker-openwrt-mosquitto and run the image by:

docker run -p 1883:1883 -d mrinus/docker-openwrt-mosquito



Just to mention it: Nowadays there is an official image locatable as eclipse/mosquito which has an even smaller footprint. As they did not provide a build tagged latest you can run it by giving the latest build tag:


docker run eclipse/mosquitto:1.4.8 „“p 1883:1883
Have fun exploring MQTT!
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