OTN Appreciation Day : Integration Cloud Service (ICS) On-Premises Connectivity Agent

My favourite feature in Oracle ICS. #ThanksOTN

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The notion for Cloud adoption is stepping forward and companies start thinking of how they can improve their businesses by moving applications, platforms or even their infrastructure to the Cloud. The goal: Create new, innovative business models to distinguish from competitors.

Oracle ICS is an Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS), which supports enterprises to overcome integration challenges, while moving their business to the Cloud. You can learn more on the use cases for ICS in my latest OTN article.

One feature, which is from my point of view especially important and valuable, is the Oracle ICS On-Premises Connectivity Agent. This software component is essential to simplify Cloud adoption for enterprises since it con be used to easily integrate Cloud and On-Premise applications with each other.


The agent’s software can directly be downloaded from Oracle ICS and has to be installed behind the firewall and needs to be registered with an ICS instance. The…

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Über svenbernhardt

Sven Bernhardt is a leading SOA/BPM architect and works as a solution architect for OPITZ CONSULTING Deutschland GmbH―a German Oracle Platinum Partner. In his role, he follows his passion for designing and building future-oriented, robust enterprise applications based on pioneering technologies. Sven is involved in diverse, large SOA and BPM implementations, dealing with challenges in the areas of business process automation and enterprise application integration. He also has longtime experience as an SOA/BPM coach, trainer, developer, and architect. Sven is an Oracle ACE and a frequent speaker at numerous IT conferences.
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