Of course some of the main events at Oracle OpenWorld are the Tuesday keynotes of Thomas Kurian and Larry Ellison (you can get them as on demand video on oracle.com). A message that has clearly been communicated there: Oracle will compete hard in all three tiers of the cloud technology landscape“”applications, platforms, and infrastructure. All three tiers are delivered as a service via global network:

  • Applications: Software as a Service „“ SaaS
  • Platform: Database, Middleware, Analytics, Integration“¦ as a Service „“ PaaS
  • Infrastructure: Storage, Compute, Network as a Service „“ IaaS

Larry Ellison during his keynote:

„We are in the middle of a generational shift in computing that is no less important than our shift to personal computing; when mainframes and minicomputers dominated our industry“

„We went into the SaaS business and came to understand that required us to be in the platform business. And we went into the platform business and came to understand we had to be in the infrastructure-as-a-service business. That“™s how we got to where we are today.“

„You can“™t change a cloud application, but you can extend a cloud application.“

„We need much better security“ and „It“™s better to have it at a lower level.“ (Silicon-Based)

„In this new world of cloud computing, everything has changed. And almost all of our competitors are new“

„Our two biggest competitors, the two companies we watched most closely over the last two decades, have been IBM and SAP, and we no longer pay any attention to either one of them.“

Furthermore Larry Ellison explained that in the SaaS-business the main competitors are Salesforce.com and Workday. „We virtually never, ever see SAP. This is a stunning change.“ he said. In the PaaS sector, Oracle“™s biggest competitors are Microsoft, again Salesforce.com, and Amazon. In the IaaS sector Oracle mainly competes with Amazon.

Thomas Kurian highlighted a couple of new data analysis cloud services, which are made for three different tiers of knowledge workers: data scientists, analysts and end-users. Data scientists can manage and analyze huge data sets with Oracle Big Data Cloud Service, Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service and Oracle Big Data Discovery Cloud Service. End-users can use the Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service to create a chart-driven analysis without detailed technical skills.

Thomas Kurian explained it like this: „You can do analysis, and there are only two guiding principles to it. You only need to have a spreadsheet. And you only need to have a browser. You load your data with spreadsheets, you do analysis from a browser or phone.“


Again it was a great experience to attend to these keynotes live and in color. But the list of OpenWorld highlights is much longer. Read the summary below to get a rough overview what“™s happening especially in the platform area.

Oracle Cloud Platform – Highlights

  • New PaaS Services – Available
    • SOA Cloud Service, API Manager, IoT, Big Data Preparation, Application Container Cloud with Java SE and Node
  • New PaaS Services „“ Announced
    • Application Builder, GoldenGate, Sites, Data Visualization, Big Data Discovery, Identity, Management Cloud
  • Private Cloud
    • Java and Integration Cloud Services on Exalogic Elastic Cloud
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware 12.2.1
    • WebLogic Server Multitenant
    • WebLogic Server and SOA Continuous Availability

Java Cloud Service – Highlights

Major New Features for Java Cloud

  • New Cloud Services Available
    • Application Container Cloud Service
    • Polyglot Platform for Lightweight Applications
      Running on Docker Infrastructure
  • New HA with Oracle RAC Integration with Exadata Cloud
  • One click Vertical and Horizontal Scalability
  • Agility for Testing/Staging with Instance Cloning
  • Resiliency with Standby Disaster Recovery
  • Hybrid Management with Enterprise Manager

Oracle SOA Suite & iPaaS – Highlights

For me especially the iPaaS and integration content was very interesting. In more than 30 sessions, 6 Hands-on labs and 8 Demo Pods the conference provided a lot of useful information in this sector. See the summary below:

  • New Services :
    • SOA Cloud Service (SOA CS), API Manager Cloud Service (CS)
  • Integration Cloud Service
    • New Cloud Adapters
    • Conditional Routing
    • Scheduling, Batching
  • SOA Suite 12.2.1
    • With Continuous Availability Option (12.2.1)
    • Integration Insight
  • API Management Platform
  • Stream Explorer v2
    • Geo-streaming
    • Business Rules
    • Machine Learning & Time Series Analytics

Development Tools & Frameworks – Highlights

  • Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service „“ Coming Soon
    • Empower business users to build apps
  • Oracle JET – Available
    • Oracle“™s framework for JavaScript UI development
    • For more details visit the excellent JET page
  • Developer Cloud Service Extended Scope
    • Integration with new cloud services (Java SE, Node.JS, MCS, SOA)
  • Oracle ADF 12.2.1 and Oracle MAF 2.1.3
    • ADF – New features for responsive UI and REST enablement
    • MAF „“ New security integration

Content and Collaboration – Highlights

  • Documents Cloud Service
    • Built-in social cloud, tight integration with MS Office
    • Hybrid ECM, hybrid capture to cloud integration
  • Process Cloud Service
    • Process based apps for the line of business
    • 1st class documents and social collaboration
  • Sites Cloud Service
    • New Sites Cloud to easily build mobile optimized and content
      rich sites & communities of engagement
  • Integrated Suite for Business Agility and Engagement
    • Redefine engagement, connect faster and simplify self service
    • SaaS and on-premise app extensions for engagement and process automation
    • Out-of-the-box or custom mobile solutions

IoT – Highlights

  • IoT Cloud Service – scale your applications rapidly as your business evolves
  • Connect: Reliably and securely collect data from devices
  • Analyze: Perform real-time, Big Data and predictive analytics on IoT streams and events
  • Integrate: Seamlessly extend enterprise Applications and processes with IoT data

Mobile – Highlights

  • Strong Customer and Partner Momentum
  • Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX)
  • Business User Friendly Mobile App Composition in the Cloud
  • Browser-based Development
  • No Coding Required
  • Easily Map to Business Services

Data Integration – Highlights

  • New Product
    • Big Data Preparation Cloud Service
  • Cloud and Big Data Support
    • GoldenGate Cloud Service
    • GoldenGate for Big Data support for Kafka
    • OEMM 12.2.1 support for HDFS
    • EDQ  12.2.1 support for Hive
  • Expanded product capability
    • GoldenGate Studio
    • ODI 12.2.1 new LCM features

BI – Highlights

  • New Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service
    • Intuitive Visual Analytics
    • Easy data blending
    • Zero IT support required
  • Updated Big Data Discovery Cloud Service
    • Explore data lakes, transform big data, and discover
      insights from data natively, in minutes
  • New BI 12c
    • Simplified Administration and Lower TCO
    • Advanced Analytics for everyone
    • Enhanced Mobile Experience
    • Alta UI Design System

Identity Management – Highlights

  • Identity Cloud Service (IDCS)
    • Federated SSO
    • OAUTH Enforcement Point for AuthN and AuthZ
    • Active Directory Sync
    • SCIM Identity Provider
    • User Administration Portal

More Cloud Services – Highlights

  • Management Cloud Services
    • Application Performance Monitoring
    • Log Analytics
    • IT Analytics Cloud Service
  • Cloud For Manufacturing

As you can see the list of highlights is massive and it is challenging to list everything in one post. If you are interested you can get more information on oracle.com:

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