Many end-to-end business processes require human interactions within the process. For example, user interaction may be needed for approvals, exception management, or performing activities required to advance the business process. Before designing processes with human tasks in Oracle BPM Suite, it is important to understand the design and runtime concepts. A typical task consists of a subject, priority, task participants, task parameters or data, deadlines, notifications or reminders, and task forms. However in complex scenarios you might want to reuse some of these artifacts in order to ease maintenance, migrations and to improve the performance.

During Oracle Open World 2012 we demontrated some of our Best Practices in the session „Oracle BPM / Oracle ADF Integration Best Practices“. We focused on reusability, separation of data and architecture design. Andrejus Baranovskis did a great job explaining Oracle ADF related topics. You can download our presentation from inside-bpm-and-soa or slideshare.

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