Oracle SB 12c QuickTip: Resolve NoClassDefFoundError during Maven deployment

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While deploying some services to a local DEV environment ( which is the prebuilt OTN SOA 12.1.3 VM ) using Maven Servicebus plugin, the deployment was failing for some reason. But instead of giving me the information about what is wrong with my service implementation, I received a NoClassDefFoundError. In the root cause of the exception stacktrace, it complains that class com/bea/wli/sb/util/DiagnosticLocation could not be found.

[INFO] --- oracle-servicebus-plugin:12.1.3-0-0:deploy (default-deploy) @ LoggingService
[INFO] Service Bus Archive deployed using session Service_Bus_Maven-LoggingService-1472570870357.
weblogic.rjvm.PeerGoneException: ; nested exception is:
weblogic.utils.NestedException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/bea/wli/sb/util/DiagnosticLocation
at weblogic.rjvm.RJVMImpl.gotExceptionReceiving(
at weblogic.rjvm.ConnectionManager.gotExceptionReceiving(
at weblogic.rjvm.MsgAbbrevJVMConnection.gotExceptionReceiving(
at weblogic.rjvm.t3.MuxableSocketT3.hasException(
at weblogic.socket.SocketMuxer.deliverExceptionAndCleanup(
at weblogic.socket.SocketMuxer.deliverHasException(
at weblogic.socket.JavaSocketMuxer.processSockets(
at weblogic.kernel.ExecuteThread.execute(
Caused by: weblogic.utils.NestedException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/bea/wli/sb/util/DiagnosticLocation
at weblogic.rjvm.RJVMImpl.gotExceptionReceiving(
... 10 more
As the server log files also didn’t give me a hint about what is wrong with my service, I searched my middleware home for jar files that contains references for the class mentioned in the…

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Sven Bernhardt is a leading SOA/BPM architect and works as a solution architect for OPITZ CONSULTING Deutschland GmbH―a German Oracle Platinum Partner. In his role, he follows his passion for designing and building future-oriented, robust enterprise applications based on pioneering technologies. Sven is involved in diverse, large SOA and BPM implementations, dealing with challenges in the areas of business process automation and enterprise application integration. He also has longtime experience as an SOA/BPM coach, trainer, developer, and architect. Sven is an Oracle ACE and a frequent speaker at numerous IT conferences.
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