Testing Angular components using MdDialog

When testing a component that dynamically opened a dialog using Angular Material (2), I was getting an error I didn’t immediately expect. The MdDialogModule was added to the imports, so my TestBed knew what was going on but my dynamically loaded Component caused problems. Error: Error in ./AdminHomeComponent class AdminHomeComponent – inline template:21:24 caused by: […]

Visual Feedback Service for angular http calls v2

TL;DR: A Service for hooking into the xhr events of all http calls. Use it to make spinners spin, turkeys dance or whatever floats your boat while your app fetches data and the user needs to know. So I started writing a feedback service for angular’s http calls. The idea is simple. When my app […]

Building a visual feedback service for angular http calls with material

Update: I improved this here. Read on for educational purposes, but make sure to read the article linked as well since it makes the whole code prettier and more architecturally neat. Building web applications using angular is fun, we all know that. With angular material, it’s also pretty to look at. So let’s build a […]

Introducing the Oracle IoT Cloud – Part IV: The REST API

Picking up my colleagues series about the Oracle IoT Cloud, it’s now time to show the core of the product. The API. Using the UI is all good and well to learn the product, understand what it can do and what it can’t and how it works. But no system administrator wants to add 40.000 sensors […]

Automated Unittesting of XQueries in Oracle OSB

In order to support a more agile project environment, OPITZ CONSULTING developed a Java/JUnit based SOA Unit Testing Framework. Among others, the framework was capable of using the Oracle libraries to run XQuery tests locally and verify their correctness. Over the course of time, Oracle released 12c and with it, changed its xquery files. A […]

Quick thought: Develop Software on embedded device using IntelliJ

Last week I had to develop a quick prototype on a raspberry pi. A nodeJS app that counts pulses from a liquid throughput sensor which forwards the data to a SAP Hana backend. Using a software mock for my sensor only helped until a certain point. In the end I had to test the actual sensor […]

Automated UI Tests for an AngularJS Material select item with protractor

Testing AngularJS applications using protractor is quiet cool. It automates the UI testing and ensures consistent quality throughout your project. Experimenting with the new Angular Material I ran into a problem: interacting with select items using the protractor API. The problem There are a few ways you can select an option using protractor. A very elegant […]

IoT prototype – Retrospective. What did we learn? What did we miss? (part 5)

Okay so controlling our lights now works automatically based on entering and leaving the building, thats great! But what did we learn from all this? What do we believe can be transferred to a general concept found in (almost) all possible IoT projects?   What did we learn? Communication takes more than one way Meaning, […]

IoT prototype – low-level thoughts about the 433mhz communication (part 4)

This prototype started off as a personal project. So it’s not a big surprise why the 433mhz plugs were chosen as a first tech. They are in every household and I wanted to retrofit what was already there to become a bit smarter. Being able to group, manage and remotely control these plugs is an […]

IoT prototype – low level thoughts on Oracle CEP Embedded (part 3)

In our prototype we used an Oracle CEP Embedded application running on a separate Raspberry Pi to scan the network for arriving / leaving devices and link them to our users. We could have left this logic in our Spring server and have it running in our service layer but we wanted to learn more about […]