React vs. Angular – When to Choose Which?

A couple of days ago, Marius Hofmeister and I held a talk about „Angular vs. React“ at the International JavaScript conference iJS at Munich. Which one is better, Angular or React? Truth to tell, we can’t answer the question. Actually, it’s the wrong question, anyway. The real question is „Which one is better for my […]

JavaLand 2016

Conferences are different if your are a speaker. Listening to talks is still important. So are the usual chores, like hunting for a cup of coffee from a dwindling supply just before the next exciting talk starts. But it’s not as important as it usually is. I’d rather use the time to prepare myself for […]

Steht TypeScript vor dem Durchbruch?

AngularJS 2.0 bietet viele Neuerungen. Eine besonders auffällige Neuerung ist, dass es nicht mehr in JavaScript entwickelt wird. Es wird in TypeScript entwickelt – einer Sprache, die in native JavaScript-Programme kompiliert wird. Daher entwickelt man AngularJS 2.0-Programme am besten in TypeScript. Das AngularJS-Team betont immer wieder, dass es möglich ist, bei JavaScript zu bleiben. Die […]