Deleting corrupt project in OSB Service Bus Console 12C

Problem: Normally we can deploy, update or delete OSB projects directly in OSB Service Bus Console (SBconsole). But last month I faced an issue with updating a corrupted OSB project in SBconsole. As I tried to update this OSB project, I got the error message java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/bea/wli/sb/transports/file/FileRequestHeaders at weblogic.utils.StackTraceDisabled.unknownMethod() Removing the project didn’t work either […]

How to “Apache Solr”: an Introduction to Apache Solr

Foreword: The information society has brought people a lot of information; on one side we enjoy endless information, on the other side we also feel a bit lost: how can we quickly and accurately filter the useful information from all the information the internet provides? The IT elites need to solve this problem urgently. The […]