Listening address Change in Weblogic 12.2.1 with OWSM

The Big Bang Tech

Changing the listening port and address may be more complicated than just updating the settings in WebLogic Administration Console. The reason for this is the fact that Cross-Component Wiring for Auto-Discovery of Policy Manager is used.

„Wiring is simply a piece of configuration in one component that points to another component, such as a URL that points to the admin interface of a component. With cross-component wiring:

  • Service providers publish their endpoints to a Service Table. These endpoints can be published automatically, such as when you create or extend a domain using the Configuration Wizard, or can be published manually by the administrator.
  • Clients contain configuration that points to the service (for example, it has the service URL). The client is „bound“ to the service by updating this configuration with the service information that was published to the Service Table. Binding is performed automatically when creating or extending a domain…

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