At this year“™s Oracle Fusion Middleware Summer Camps in Lisbon (see also the post from our colleague Mohammed Esad-Djou) four Opitz consultants were attending the „Hybrid Integration with Integration Cloud Service, SOA Suite Cloud Service and SOA 12c“ track. With this post we want to give you a short overview of the topics that have been covered within this week.

Let“™s start with a recap of the main topic of our track, the Integration Cloud Service (ICS). With ICS Oracle offers cloud to cloud and cloud to on premise integration flows which can be developed very easily and quickly directly in the browser.  There are even recommendations on the most common data mappings to render the integrations as easy as possible. From our perspective it“™s a great tool to quickly deliver Software as a service (SaaS) solutions which are not too complex: at the moment only point to point connections can be implemented. But there is also the option of an additional enrichment call in order to get more details into the data mapping.

More complex integrations in the cloud can be handled using the SOA Suite Cloud Service (SOA Suite CS) which provides its users with the whole set of SOA Suite“™s capabilities. Users can either configure their SOA Suite and / or OSB on a single node „environment“ or in a clustered mode. SOA Suite CS is not released yet but will be available pretty soon. Especially for smaller companies it might be an interesting approach to directly start working with SOA without having to invest in hardware and licenses first. The browser-based development can start without the need of special tools or elaborated configurations, so the expenditure can be invested in the product itself right from the beginning.

The third product we focused on was Oracle Stream Explorer, a web-based application, which allows users to deal with big data and event streams in real time. It enables users to create event processing tools and applications without having to write a single line of code: a great occasion for business users with little knowledge in programming but the need to create such applications!

One of the most promising features we were introduced to was the Cloud Adapter SDK which enables developers to write their own cloud adapters. In ICS there are already a lot of predefined cloud adapters available for connecting to, RightNow, Oracle Sales Cloud and many more. The Oracle Marketplace will be used to publish such prebuilt cloud adapters written by Oracle or its partners. With the SDK new adapters can be built to be used within ICS but can also be imported into JDeveloper (or be used in parallel by both, of course). Eventually all JCA adapters will be rebuilt using the SDK, so there hardly seem to be any limits as far as the development is concerned. We“™re very excited to see the first adapters developed by the community!

In a nutshell, we had a wonderful week in Lisbon: our trainers (Yogesh Sontakke, Ramkumar Menon, Robert Wunderlich and Simeon Greene) did a great job and provided us with a lot of information. We were able to do plenty of hands-on labs and meet so many great people from the community.

A special highlight for Opitz was that two of our consultants were invited to present a session on Closed-Loop-Ordermanagement using the Salesforce and SAP adapters within a BPMN process. The feedback was overwhelming:  it“™s great to show that the theory also works in a real life scenario.

Last but not least there is one special person that we want to mention: thanks a lot to Jürgen Kress for organizing this event so perfectly: the food was great and the SOA Community event at a wineyard near Lisbon was also fantastic. Get specialized!!

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