Oracle Identity Management – 30000 feet view

OIM (Oracle Identity Management) consists of a large set of useful tools, grouped in three areas: Identity Governance, Access Management and Directory Services.

OIM: Oracle Identity Manager
Used for account provisioning. On- and off- boarding of new users.

OAM: Oracle Access Manager
Used to protect URLs.

OES: Oracle Entitlement Server
Used for role and privilege based access.

OIF: Oracle Identity Federation
Used for cross domain authorization (

Enterprise Single Sign On
Used to Auto-Fill legacy login dialogs

Adaptive Access Manager
Used for intrusion detection (ip localization, …)

OEG: Oracle Enterprise Gateway
Used as XML firewall (large data attacks, schema attacks, …). SOAP/REST translation.

Identity Analytics
Used for achieving data quality if organizational data is too bad.

Directory Server EE
LDAP server from SUN

OUD: Oracle Unified Directory
New Java-based LDAP server

OID: Oracle Internet Directory
Classic database-based LDAP server

OVD: Oracle Virtual Directory
Used to achieve combined view on several different ldap servers

OPSS: Oracle Plattform Security Services
Extension of JAAS. Offers API for all Oracle IDM products.

Oracle Connect:
New tooling for iOS and Android based security

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