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Holiday replacement using camunda candidate groups

In a recent project I was faced by a real classic in user task management. The age old question about how to handle holiday replacement the right way. In this post I am going to explain my approach using as … Weiterlesen

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Migrating Business Processes using Camundas Version Migration Plugin

In a recent project, I was faced with several versions of a process model and a lot of instances for each version. This increased the work of keeping every case in mind for example when it came to new backend developments … Weiterlesen

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Using the Camunda Workflow API to control timer events and process instances

This post shows an example of using the Camunda Workflow API. It can be a handy and easy-to-use interface, if you want to dive into your workflow environment a little deeper. In a recent client project, we were confronted with the … Weiterlesen

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