Holiday replacement using camunda candidate groups

In a recent project I was faced by a real classic in user task management. The age old question about how to handle holiday replacement the right way. In this post I am going to explain my approach using as much of camunda ready-to-use functionality to avoid overhead. Situation: Jack needs holidays and leaves for […]

Migrating Business Processes using Camundas Version Migration Plugin

In a recent project, I was faced with several versions of a process model and a lot of instances for each version. This increased the work of keeping every case in mind for example when it came to new backend developments (which are centralized and have to work for all versions). I had the idea of […]

Using the Camunda Workflow API to control timer events and process instances

This post shows an example of using the Camunda Workflow API. It can be a handy and easy-to-use interface, if you want to dive into your workflow environment a little deeper. In a recent client project, we were confronted with the need to dynamically switch on and off a timer event, triggering email reminders for the […]