IoT prototype – low level thoughts on Oracle CEP Embedded (part 3)

In our prototype we used an Oracle CEP Embedded application running on a separate Raspberry Pi to scan the network for arriving / leaving devices and link them to our users. We could have left this logic in our Spring server and have it running in our service layer but we wanted to learn more about […]

IoT prototype – an architectural overview (part 2)

With our prototype we had a few goals: learn about the technologies that are involved in the IoT space Follow a good architectural principle get the attention (and trigger their curiosity) of visitors at different events Of course there were also the functional requirements of being able to effectively know when a user is present or […]

OMG released formal version of CMMN 1.0

In May 2014 the OMG released version 1.0 of the Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN). You can access the documents associated with it under Great to see that the specification also includes the “CMMN – Claims Management Example” (page 78) from our “ACM in Practice” poster.  

Mit der Oracle Mobile Security Suite die BYOD-Risiken beherrschen

Derzeit nutzen viele Mitarbeiter ihre privaten Geräte im Unternehmensumfeld und speichern Unternehmensdaten darauf. Der als „Bring Your Own Device“(BYOD) bezeichnete Trend birgt für Unternehmen viele Gefahren, welche die Oracle Mobile Security Suite zu beherrschen versucht. Die Oracle Mobile Security Suite wurde von dem Start-Up Bitzer Mobile entwickelt, später von Oracle gekauft und in die Produktpalette […]

Car registration process: A BPMN real-life use-case

Lately I faced the challenge to transfer my car registration from Austria to Poland. In other words, I wanted to register my car in Poland which has been registered in Austria previously. It took quite a lot of time and effort to figure out how all the steps work together, however the visualization I created […]

ADF Hackers Event aka Fitness Center in München

Im Anschluss an das DOAG BarCamp Development (Rückblick hier) wurde am Freitag das ADF Fitness Center in der Oracle Geschäftsstelle München veranstaltet. Anders als das BarCamp, welches sich keiner gesonderten Technologie widmete, war das ADF Fitness Center eine Mekka für ADF Entwickler. Von Anfängern bis Profis gab sich alles, was im deutschen ADF Umfeld Rang […]

Bericht vom ersten DOAG BarCamp Development

Am 30.01.2014 veranstaltete die DOAG zum ersten mal eine Konferenz im BarCamp-Format. Mit etwa 70 Besuchern wurde in der Münchener Allianz Arena spontan und offen diskutiert. Dafür standen vier Streams zu Verfügung die zu Beginn der Veranstaltung von den Teilnehmern mit Leben gefüllt wurden. Dabei entstand ein bunter Flickenteppich an Themen der von agilen Vorgehensmodellen […]

Monitoring large flow traces with Oracle SOA Suite (Part 1)

End-to-end monitoring of BPEL process instances across composite borders is a great feature of Oracle SOA/BPM Suite 11g. It is shown in nearly every PreSales presentation and when you were used to know SOA Suite 10g or to work with other kinds of distributed, heterogenous systems it is a real improvement. But when you implement […]

Oracle Open World 2013 – Wrap up

OOW 2013 is over and we’re heading home, so it is time to lean back and reflecting about the impressions we have from the conference. First of all: OOW was great! It was a pleasure to be a part of it. As already mentioned in our last blog article: It was the biggest OOW ever. […]