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Impressionen von der DOAG 2016

Bei der DOAG Konferenz am  15. bis 17. November 2016 in Nürnberg präsentierte sich unsere IT-Beratung diesmal im neuen Gewand: Mit einem brandneuen High-Tech-Stand konnten wir uns bei den Besuchern glaubwürdig als „Partner für die digitale Transformation“ positionieren. Das Hauptinteresse … Weiterlesen

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Creating SSLContext for up-to-date HTTPS communiction with client certificate

If you try to implement with Java the client side for a HTTPS communication with client authenification and google for it, you will find  many examples. But with most of the examples you find, have the one or other problem, … Weiterlesen

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Mulesoft Anypoint Platform – Running QUARTZ Scheduler Jobs

The Java QUARTZ Job Scheduler framework is a common piece of software and can be found in many environments. Although the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform provides its own scheduling API, it is a common task to use the QUARTZ framework instead. Especially, if scheduling … Weiterlesen

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Mule ESB – The anatomy of a flow

Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform is an integration platform which is especially interesting for Java developers. It is based on the Spring framework and leverages Java technologies like CXF or JAXB which are well known Java software frameworks. Therefore, Java developers are … Weiterlesen

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Oracle SB 12c QuickTip: Resolve NoClassDefFoundError during Maven deployment

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While deploying some services to a local DEV environment ( which is the prebuilt OTN SOA 12.1.3 VM ) using Maven Servicebus plugin, the deployment was failing for some reason. But instead…

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SOA Suite Create, configure and tune a SOA/OSB Domain

Introduction This post focuses on the creation, configuration and tuning of an initial SOA Suite Domain. The WebLogic Server is a necessary requirement, and must already be installed. For instruction how to install the WebLogic Server please refer … Weiterlesen

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How to customize Java Virtual Machine Settings in Oracle WebLogic Server 12 on OS Linux / UNIX

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In order to achieve the best performance of the application or to avoid performance bottlenecks (and “OutOfMemory” problems) you need to tune your Java Virtual Machine. After you install…

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