Introducing the Oracle IoT Cloud – Part IV: The REST API

Picking up my colleagues series about the Oracle IoT Cloud, it’s now time to show the core of the product. The API. Using the UI is all good and well to learn the product, understand what it can do and what it can’t and how it works. But no system administrator wants to add 40.000 sensors […]

Introducing the Oracle IoT Cloud – Part III: Analysing data

Raw data collected from devices is in most cases not directly relevant for further processing. Data must be analysed and the results are interesting for external systems. Lets take a vehicle for example. The engine temperature can be monitored and will vary some. We are only interested in the temperature if it is nearing critical […]

Introducing the Oracle IoT Cloud – Part II: Device management

The first step in using the Oracle IoT Cloud Service is registering the devices sending the raw data. There are two categories of devices: Directly connected devices are devices with a direct connection to the internet and thus to the IoT Cloud servers. These devices are capable of directly sending the data to the cloud. […]

Understanding the Past to Predict the Future

Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) are very hot topics at the moment everybody is talking about. All of these trends are interesting for themselves as they promise deeper insides into a business and therefore lead to better business decisions. Internet of Things enables businesses to gather data and to control […]

3 Articles in the upcoming Business Technology Magazine

At the moment digitalization and IoT are taking off and belong to the hottest trends in information technology. Because of the experience OC has in Business Intelligence, Integration and Software Development we were able to publish 3 articles in the upcoming Business Technology, which is completely issued for the Internet of Things. The articles are: […] went live

A little spin off of the cattle crew blog just went live: The purpose of the website is to collect articles, talks and other information with a strong IoT background and to give interested persons a focused overview over the topics. However, blogging is still done here;-)

Quick thought: Develop Software on embedded device using IntelliJ

Last week I had to develop a quick prototype on a raspberry pi. A nodeJS app that counts pulses from a liquid throughput sensor which forwards the data to a SAP Hana backend. Using a software mock for my sensor only helped until a certain point. In the end I had to test the actual sensor […]

IoT prototype – low-level thoughts about camunda BPM and Drools Expert (part 6)

As already mentioned in the second part of this series, building systems of this type consists of several components. In this part we describe the integration of a BPMN 2.0 capable workflow management system and a business rule engine in our IoT prototype. Why do we need such things Currently we live in times of a knowledge society […]

IoT prototype – Retrospective. What did we learn? What did we miss? (part 5)

Okay so controlling our lights now works automatically based on entering and leaving the building, thats great! But what did we learn from all this? What do we believe can be transferred to a general concept found in (almost) all possible IoT projects?   What did we learn? Communication takes more than one way Meaning, […]