Published an automation tool for process instance migration – Camunda-Migrator

We are happy to annouce publishing an automation tool for process instance migration with Camunda BPM on GitHub. It helps you to have continuously a current process state with the latest features. Therefor all previous process versions will be migrated automaically to the newest process definition version. It can be used to interact with the […]

„Digital Transformation – Behind the Scenes“ – Das war die inspire|IT 2017

Unter dem Motto „Digital Transformation  – Behind the Scenes“ fand vom 03. bis 04. April 2017 die 4. Ausgabe unserer Best-Practices-Konferenz inspire|IT in Frankfurt statt. Jetzt können wir wirklich schon von einer Tradition sprechen. Zwei Tage mit unterschiedlichen Tracks und Hands-on waren voll gepackt mit Informationen, Vorträgen und Demonstrationen und ganz vielen informativen Gesprächen. Zur […]

WS-Security with Username Token Profile on Oracle Weblogic Server

WS-Security Username Token Profile is a simple authentication scheme for SOAP-webservices using username an password sent in the requests‘ WS-Security headers. The password is hashed using a salt and a timestamp (password digest) to prevent replay attacks. It is specified in this document. As this does not involve any message encryption it should not be used without transport encryption.
In this post I will show how I configured this for a webservice to be deployed on a recent Weblogic Server (

Camunda meets Mule – A java based flexible approach for Integration and APIs

Finding the right architectural integration approach for one’s business is becoming more important. One reason for this is the digitalisation. There are more and more devices like smartphones, IoT devices and gadgets but also applications and systems that communicate with each other. The power behind digitalisation is not a single technology or device. It is […]

A tiny MQTT-Broker docker image

Intro Some time ago I started to get a look at MQTT and needed a broker to start with. Eclipse Mosquitto ( was a logical choice for a quick start and as I am a fan of docker containers for not polluting your local system installation whilst trying new software stacks, I searched for a […]

Published CattleCrew Case Management UI

As a result of our case management experience, we recently released a self-developed case management UI on GitHub to get a better introduction to case management and CMMN 1.1.

Quicktipp: Working with more than one package name in a JAXB Context Config in Mule ESB

If you want to structure your code with packages for different JAXB annotated classes, for example after generating JAXB from different WSDLs, do not try to define severall jaxb context elements in Mule ESB, as this is going to fail at runtime. <mulexml:jaxb-context name=“JAXB_Context1“ packageNames=“org.example.test1“ doc:name=“JAXB Context1“ /> <mulexml:jaxb-context name=“JAXB_Context2“ packageNames=“org.example.test2“ doc:name=“JAXB Context2“ /> This […]