Oracle Mobile Cloud Service: Use Push Notifications with Ionic App


Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) offers an useful bunch of services for mobile applications. In this Blogpost i will describe the steps which are required to receive push notification in an android app developed with Ionic.


First of all we must provide some prerequisites.

Google Firebase Project

To send Push Notifications to Android Devices a Google Firebase Projekt is required. So go to the Google Firebase console ( and create a new project.


After creating the project itself you must create an Anadroid App. So go to „Notifications“ and create the App.


On the next screen, please note the „Android package name“ we need it later.


Download the google-services.json from the next screen. This configuration file is needed for the Ionic App.


Now go to „Settings -> CLOUD MESSAGING“. On that screen you find the Sender ID and the Server Key. These informations are required…

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