Q-loud – Eine Deutsche IoT Plattform

Die QSC AG bietet umfangreiche Cloud Angebote an. Darunter fällt auch eine Plattform für IoT Use Cases, die nun im aktuellen Jahr (2016) eine prominente Stellung erhält. Die Tochtergesellschaft Q-loud GmbH vertreibt die Plattform als auch komplette Dienstleistungen („full-stack“) rund um eine Deutsche IoT Cloud. Besonders spannend hierbei ist, dass gerade der deutsche Mittelstand mit dieser […]

OOW 16: My thoughts and experiences

Not able to attend Oracle Open World 2016? You are curious to learn about what was happening there? Then read my latest blog, where I tried to summarize my personal thoughts and experiences!

Mulesoft Anypoint Platform – Running QUARTZ Scheduler Jobs

The Java QUARTZ Job Scheduler framework is a common piece of software and can be found in many environments. Although the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform provides its own scheduling API, it is a common task to use the QUARTZ framework instead. Especially, if scheduling might be centralized among different applications and might not only be used for the Mule […]

OPC UA – Bridging Manufacturing and Enterprise IT

Between the automation/manufacturing area and the enterprise information technology has been a disruption that is historically driven. Automation is closer to hardware so that the software evolved differently than software used on enterprise level. Moreover, it is easier to replace a business application than machines and controller in production lines. This is why different principles […]

Mule ESB – The anatomy of a flow

Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform is an integration platform which is especially interesting for Java developers. It is based on the Spring framework and leverages Java technologies like CXF or JAXB which are well known Java software frameworks. Therefore, Java developers are able to get along with the platform fast. As the developers have direct access to […]